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GB/T 18103-2013 Engineered wood flooring

Standard Number:  GB/T 18103-2013
Title:  Engineered wood flooring
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB/T 18103-2000

Publication Date:  2013/12/31
Execute Date:  2014/6/22
International Classification for Standards (ICS)WOOD TECHNOLOGY>>Semi-manufactures of timber
CCS Classification for StandardsAgriculture, forestry,>>forestry>>Man-made board
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:20  

Preface: This standard according to GB/T1.1-2009 gives the rules of the draft. Instead of this standard GB/T18103-2000 "solid mu fu joins a floor board". Compared this standard with GB/T18103-2000, the main technical changes are as follows: --, modify the definition of solid mu fu joins a floor board (see 3.1, 2000 In version 3.1); --, the classification method of modified the solid mu fu joins a floor board, deleted according to the classification of formaldehyde release a quantity (see chapter 4, 2000, chapter 4). - changed the solid mu fu joins a floor board of each layer material requirements (see 5.2, 5.2, 2000); --, modify the quality to the appearance of the solid mu fu joins a floor board O and test methods (see 5.3 and 6.1, 2000 version 5.3 and 6.2). - modified solid mu fu joins a floor board size and dimension deviation (see 5.4, 5.4, 2000); - changed the surface wear resistance and formaldehyde release a quantity index (see 5.5, 6.3.7 and 6.3.9, 20 00 in 5.5.5, 5.5.7, 6.3.6 and 6.3.8); - increases the film hardness index and test methods (see 5.5 and 6.3.6). This standard is put forward by the state forestry administration. This standard by the national man-made board standardization technical committee (SAC/TC198) under centralized. Since this standard Grass unit: China academy of forestry science research institute of wood industry, holy elephant group co., LTD., kunshan surplus meaning nature wood industry co., LTD., the baroque wood industry (zhongshan) co., LTD., guangdong appropriate China wood industry co., LTD., zhejiang world friends of wood industry co., LTD., long sheng floor co., LTD., zhejiang rich gain wood industry co., LTD., zhejiang sublimation YunFengXin co., LTD., anhui Yangtze flooring co., LTD., zhejiang bei ark wood industry co., LTD., the light from essence, wood (Shanghai) co., LTD., del international furniture co., LTD., guangdong rich forestry industry science and technology co., LTD, suzhou David wood industry co., LTD., Beijing rui jia Eurasian wood industry co., LTD. (Shanghai) new, elegant door Material technology co., LTD., zhejiang yuhua wood industry co., LTD., jiangsu Ken force constant wood industry and wood industry co., LTD., guangzhou manufacturing co., LTD., guangzhou efloor wood industry co., LTD., zhejiang younge wood industry co., LTD., jiangsu nanyang wood industry co., LTD, suzhou hui kuta wood industry co., LTD, suzhou rich gentry wood industry co., LTD., hunchun industrial wood industry Limited liability company, golden eagle iger floor decoration materials (tianjin) co., LTD., jilin golden bridge floor group co., LTD., China baby rabbit decoration new materials co., LTD., jiangsu fly wood industry co., LTD., jiangsu mutuality bamboo industry co., LTD., foshan peng bond wood manufacturing co., LTD. Main drafter of this standard: Lv Bin, Tang Zhaoqun, Yue-jin fu, happyapple, HongBin, author, SheXueBin, Liu Shuozhen, Liu Zhuangqing, NiYueZhong, wei-sheng sun, Meng Rongfu, gu water auspicious, thunder, benign and Lu Weiguang Fang Qin, RuJiYong, Zhang Jiejiang, Jiang Wei, Yuan Yide, BuLiXin, Jin Yuehua, He Chunjin, He Weifeng, zhang ting, Hu Jimin, central south, zhu jianzhong, zhuang Ye Yong, Wang Zenghua, chun-ming li, Yu Changhai, Moore,, hai-liang liu, Ye Dongming TaoYe China. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard as follows: -- - GB/T18103-2000.   
Description:This standard specifies the solid mu fu joins a floor board of terms and definitions, classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rule and marks, packaging, transport and storage.
this standard applies to with real wood puzzle or the single board (including the reorganization of the decorative veneer) for panel, solid wood puzzle, veneer or plywood as core layer or bottom, processed by different combination of laminated floor. This standard applies to indoor general requirements with solid mu fu joins a floor board.  
Cross References:GB/T 18103-2000 Parquet
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File Size:  875KB
Tile in English:  Engineered wood flooring

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