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CLSI C49 A Ed. 1 Analysis Of Body Fluids In Clinical Chemistry

Standard Number:  CLSI C49 A Ed. 1
Title:  Analysis Of Body Fluids In Clinical Chemistry
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  NCCLS C49 P Ed. 1 (2006)

Status:  Current
Publisher:  Other Standards
Number of Pages:56  

Description:Provides guidance for the application of widely available measurement procedures for testing body fluids and for reporting and interpreting those results.  
Committee Membership
1 Scope
2 Standard Precautions
3 Terminology
3.1 Glossary of Body Fluids
3.2 Definitions
4 Matrix Effects on Clinical Laboratory Measurements
4.1 Scientific Basis
4.2 External Survey Data
5 Pathogenesis and Composition of Accumulation Fluids
5.1 Amniotic
5.2 Cerebrospinal Fluid
5.3 Serous Fluids
5.4 Synovial
6 Clinically Significant Analytes in Body Fluids
6.1 Creatinine
6.2 Amylase/Lipase
6.3 Bilirubin
6.4 Total Protein/Albumin
6.5 Triglycerides
6.6 Cholesterol
6.7 Tumor Antigens/Markers
6.8 Electrolytes
6.9 pH
7 Recommendations for Alternate Sample Types Not Specified
in Manufacturers' Claims
7.1 Elements of Method Verification
7.2 Assessing Body Fluid Determinations for Validity
7.3 Precondition
7.4 Considerations for Use of Tests for Body Fluids Other
Than Those for Which the Methods Have Been Formally
7.5 Clinically Unique Samples
7.6 Result Reporting
Summary of Delegate Comments and Subcommittee Responses
The Quality Management System Approach
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Tile in English:  Analysis Of Body Fluids In Clinical Chemistry

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