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CLSI AUTO10 A Ed. 1 Autoverification Of Clinical Laboratory Test Results

Standard Number:  CLSI AUTO10 A Ed. 1
Title:  Autoverification Of Clinical Laboratory Test Results
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  NCCLS AUTO10 P Ed. 1 (2006)

Status:  Current
Publisher:  Other Standards
Number of Pages:40  

Description:Provides a new set of guidelines to take laboratorians beyond traditional autoverification to the next generation, allowing the use of more sophisticated algorithms to meet laboratory needs, as well as accurately reflecting the medical philosophy of the laboratory. It provides a framework for each laboratory to easily design, implement, validate, and customize rules based on the needs of its own patient population.  
Committee Membership
1 Scope
2 Introduction
3 Definitions
4 Design of Algorithms
4.1 Data Elements
4.2 Algorithm-Based Decisions
4.3 Reporting of Results
4.4 Selective Suppression of Autoverification
5 Regulatory Compliance
5.1 Statutory Obligation
6 Validation of Algorithms
6.1 Logic
6.2 Independent Data Observations/Collection (monitoring
of data in/data out)
6.3 Algorithm Updates
6.4 Software Updates
6.5 Validation Tools
6.6 Periodic Revalidation
Additional References
Summary of Comments and Subcommittee Responses
The Quality System Approach
Related CLSI/NCCLS Publication  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  719KB
Tile in English:  Autoverification Of Clinical Laboratory Test Results

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