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IEC 62192 Ed. 1.0 Live working - Insulating ropes

Standard Number:  IEC 62192 Ed. 1.0
Title:  Live working - Insulating ropes
Language:  English and French
Status:  Current
Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Number of Pages:41  

Description:IEC 62192-2009 Live working - Insulating ropes covers insulating ropes that are utilized during live working procedures in contact with parts of installations operating at voltages up to and including 800 kV r.m.s. Insulating ropes for live working procedure under rain and/or d.c. conditions are not covered by this standard.  
Catalog:Document Contents
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Requirements
4.1 Physical and dimensional
4.2 Electrical
4.3 Mechanical
4.4 Marking
4.5 Instructions for use and care
5 Tests
5.1 General
5.2 Atmospheric conditions
5.3 Visual verification and dimensional checking
5.4 Electrical tests
5.5 Mechanical tests
5.6 Durability of marking
5.7 Verification of the required instructions for use
6 Conformity assessment of insulating ropes having completed the production phase
7 Modifications
Annex A (normative) Suitable for live working; double triangle (IEC 60417-5216 (2002-10))
Annex B (normative) Chronology of type tests
Annex C (normative) Classification of defects
Annex D (informative) Recommendations for in-service care and periodic testing
Figure 1 – Example of test set up to measure leakage current
Figure 2 – Electrode arrangement on rope test piece
Table B.1 – Chronology of type tests
Table C.1 – Classification of defects and associated requirements and tests
1 Domaine d’application
2 Références normatives
3 Termes et définitions
4 Exigences
4.1 Exigences physiques et dimensionnelles
4.2 Exigences électriques
4.3 Exigences mécaniques
4.4 Marquage
4.5 Instructions d’utilisation et précautions d’emploi
5 Essais
5.1 Généralités
5.2 Conditions atmosphériques
5.3 Vérification visuelle et contr?le dimensionnel
5.4 Essais électriques
5.5 Essais mécaniques
5.6 Durabilité du marquage
5.7 Vérification des instructions d’emploi exigées
6 Evaluation de la conformité des cordes isolantes issues de la production
7 Modifications
Annexe A (normative) Approprié aux travaux sous tension; double triangle (CEI 60417-5216 ...
Annexe B (normative) Chronologie des essais de type
Annexe C (normative) Classification des défauts
Annexe D (informative) Recommandations pour les précautions d?emploi et les essais périod...
Figure 1 – Exemple de montage d’essai pour la mesure du courant de fuite
Figure 2 – Disposition des électrodes sur l’éprouvette d’essai de corde
Tableau B.1 – Chronologie des essais de type
Tableau C.1 – Classification des défauts et exigences et essais associés
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Tile in English:  Live working - Insulating ropes

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