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IEC 60958-1 Ed. 3.0 Digital audio interface - Part 1: General

Standard Number:  IEC 60958-1 Ed. 3.0
Title:  Digital audio interface - Part 1: General
Language:  English and French
Replaced by Standard:  IEC 60958-1 Ed. 3.1

Replacing Standard:  IEC 60958-1 Ed. 2.0

Status:  Current
CCS Classification for Standards
Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Number of Pages:65  

Description:IEC 60958-1-2008 Digital audio interface - Part 1: General(E) describes a serial, uni-directional, self-clocking interface for the interconnection of digital audio equipment for consumer and professional applications. It provides the basic structure of the interface. Separate documents define items specific to particular applications. The interface is primarily intended to carry monophonic or stereophonic programmes, encoded using linear PCM and with a resolution of up to 24 bits per sample. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2004 and constitutes a technical revision. It includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition- Electrical and optical requirements are removed from IEC 60958-3; they are specified in IEC 60958-1.  
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Catalog:Document Contents
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Interface format
4.1 Structure of format
4.2 Channel coding
4.3 Preambles
4.4 Validity bit
5 Channel status
5.1 General
5.2 Applications
5.3 General assignment of the first and second channel status bits
5.4 Category code
6 User data
6.1 General
6.2 Applications
7 Electrical requirement
7.1 Consumer application
7.2 Professional application
8 Optical requirements
8.1 Consumer application
8.2 Professional applications
Annex A (informative) The use of the validity bit
Annex B (informative) Application documents and specifications
Annex C (informative) A relationship of the IEC 60958 series families
Annex D (informative) Transmission of CD data other than linear PCM audio
Annex E (informative) The IEC 60958 series conformant data format
Annex F (informative) Stream change
Annex G (informative) Characteristics of optical connection
Figure 1 – Sub-frame format (linear PCM application)
Figure 2 – Frame format
Figure 3 – Channel coding
Figure 4 – Preamble M (shown as 11100010)
Figure 5 – Simplified example of the configuration of the circuit (unbalanced)
Figure 6 – Rise and fall times
Figure 7 – Intrinsic jitter measurement filter
Figure 8 – Eye diagram
Figure 9 – Receiver jitter tolerance template
Figure 10 – Basic optical connection
Figure C.1 – A relationship of IEC?60958 families
Figure F.1 – Audio sources and AV receiver model
Figure F.2 – Switching from linear PCM to non linear PCM
Figure F.3 – Switching from non linear PCM to linear PCM
Figure F.4 – Switching from non-linear PCM to non-linear PCM
Table 1 – Preamble coding
Table 2 ? Channel status data format
Table B.1 – Application documents and specifications
Table G.1 – Characteristics of standard optical connection (optical interface)
Table G.2 – Characteristics of optical transmitter (optical interface)
Table G.3 ? Characteristics of optical receiver (optical interface)
Table G.4 – Characteristics of fibre optic cable
Table G.5 – Optical power budget for the link with plastic fibre
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Tile in English:  Digital audio interface - Part 1: General

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