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CFR 16-2012 Commercial Practices

Standard Number:  CFR 16-2012
Title:  Commercial Practices
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  CFR 16(PTS0-999):2013

Replacing Standard:  CFR 16(PTS0-999):2011

Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Number of Pages:  

Catalog:0 Organization
1 General procedures
2 Non-adjudicative procedures
3 Rules of practice for adjudicative proceedings
4 Miscellaneous rules
5 Standards of conduct
6 Enforcement of non-discrimination on the basis of
handicap in programs or activities conducted by the
Federal Trade Commission
14 Administrative interpretations, general policy statements,
and enforcement policy statements
16 Advisory committee management
17 Application of guides in preventing unlawful practices
18 Guides for the nursery industry
20 Guides for the rebuilt, reconditioned and other used
automobile parts industry
23 Guides for the jewellery, precious metals, and pewter
24 Guides for select leather and imitation leather products
25 - 227 [Reserved]
228 Tire advertising and labeling guides
233 Guides against deceptive pricing
238 Guides against bait advertising
239 Guides for the advertising of warranties and guarantees
240 Guides for advertising allowances and other merchandising
payments and services
251 Guide concerning use of the word "free" and similar
254 Guides for private vocational and distance education
255 Guides concerning use of endorsements and testimonials
in advertising
259 Guide concerning fuel economy advertising for new automobiles
260 Guides for the use of environmental marketing claims
300 Rules and regulations under the Wool Products Labeling
Act of 1939
301 Rules and regulations under Fur Products Labeling Act
303 Rules and regulations under the Textile Fiber Products
Identification Act
304 Rules and regulations under the Hobby Protection Act
305 Rule concerning disclosures regarding energy consumption
and water use of certain home appliances and other products
required under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act
("Appliance Labeling Rule")
306 Automotive fuel ratings, certification and posting
307 Regulations under the Comprehensive Smokeless Tobacco
Health Education Act of 1986
308 Trade regulation rule pursuant to the Telephone
Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act of 1992
309 Labeling requirements for alternative fuels and
alternative fueled vehicles
310 Telemarketing sales rule
311 Test procedures and labeling standards for recycled oil
312 Children's online privacy protection rule
313 Privacy of consumer financial information
314 Standards for safeguarding customer information
(eff. 5-23-03)
408 Unfair or deceptive advertising and labeling of
cigarettes in relation to the health hazards of
smoking [Note]
410 Deceptive advertising as to sizes of viewable pictures
shown by television receiving sets
423 Care labeling of textile wearing apparel and certain
piece goods as amended
424 Retail food store advertising and marketing practices
425 Use of pre-notification negative option plans
429 Rule concerning cooling-off period for sales made
at homes or at certain other locations
432 Power output claims for amplifiers utilized in
home entertainment products
433 Preservation of consumers' claims and defenses
435 Mail or telephone order merchandise
436 Disclosure requirements and prohibitions concerning
franchising and business opportunity ventures
444 Credit practices
453 Funeral industry practices
455 Used motor vehicle trade regulation rule
456 Ophthalmic practice rules
460 Labeling and advertising of home insulation
500 Regulations under section 4 of the Fair Packaging and
Labeling Act
501 Exemptions from requirements and prohibitions under
part 500
502 Regulations under section 5(c) of the Fair Packaging
and Labeling Act
503 Statements of general policy or interpretation
600 Statements of general policy or interpretations
601 Summary of consumer rights, notice of user
responsibilities, and notice of furnisher
responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
700 Interpretations of Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
701 Disclosure of written consumer product warranty terms
and conditions
702 Pre-sale availability of written warranty terms
703 Informal dispute settlement procedures
801 Coverage rules
802 Exemption rules
803 Transmittal rules
901 Procedures for State application for exemption from the
provisions of the Act  
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