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CFR 10-2012 Energy

Standard Number:  CFR 10-2012
Title:  Energy
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  CFR 10(PTS200-499):2013

Replacing Standard:  CFR 10(PTS200-499):2011

Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Number of Pages:  

Description:Deals with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Coverage includes- conduct of employees; program fraud civil remedies; standards for protection against radiation; debt collection procedures; domestic licensing of source material; licenses and radiation safety requirements for irradiators; fitness for duty programs; medical use of byproduct material.  
Administrative procedures and sanctions
New facilities
Existing powerplants
Curtailment priorities for essential agricultural uses
Administrative procedures with respect to the import and
export of natural gas
Financial assistance rules
New restrictions on lobbying
Epidemiology and other health studies financial assistance
The Office of Energy Research Financial Assistance Program
Governmentwide debarment and suspension (nonprocurement)
Governmentwide requirements for drug-free workplace (financial
Contractual provisions
Contract clauses
Price competitive sale of Strategic Petroleum Reserve petroleum
Security policies and practices relating to labor-management
Workplace substance abuse programs at DOE sites
DOE contractor employee protection program
Polygraph examination regulations
Criteria and procedures for determining eligibility for access
to classified matter or special nuclear material
Personnel Assurance Program (PAP)
Definition of nonrecourse project-financed
Contractor legal management requirements
Permits for access to restricted data
Protection of human subjects
Domestic Uranium Program
Reimbursement for costs of remedial action at active uranium
and thorium processing sites
Uranium enrichment decontamination and decommissioning fund;
procedures for special assessment of domestic utilities
Transfer of real property at defense nuclear facilities for
economic development
Patent Compensation Board regulations
DOE patent licensing regulations
Claims for patent and copyright infringement
Waiver of patent rights
Patent waiver regulation
Loans for bid or proposal preparation by minority business
enterprises seeking DOE contracts and assistance
Assistance to foreign atomic energy activities
Procedural rules for DOE nuclear activities
Nuclear safety management
Occupational radiation protection
Extraordinary nuclear occurrences
Chronic beryllium disease prevention program
Guidelines for physician panel determinations on worker
requests for assistance in filing for state workers'
compensation benefits
Trespassing on Department of Energy property
Control of traffic at Nevada Test Site
Restrictions on aircraft landing and air delivery at
Department of Energy nuclear sites
Air transportation of plutonium
Power and transmission rates
General regulations for the charges for the sale of power
from the Boulder Canyon Project
Energy Planning and Management Program
General guidelines for the preliminary screening of potential
sites for nuclear waste repositories
Standard contract for disposal of spent nuclear fuel and/or
high-level radioactive waste
Byproduct material
YUCCA mountain site suitability guidelines
Transfer of proceedings to the Secretary of Energy and the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Official seal and distinguishing flag
Office of Hearings and Appeals procedural regulations
Freedom of information
Intergovernmental review of Department of Energy programs and
Records maintained on individuals (Privacy Act)
General policy for pricing and charging for materials and
services sold by DOE
Conduct of employees
Program fraud civil remedies and procedures
Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims Act
Collection of claims owed the United States
Safeguarding of restricted data
Identification and protection of unclassified controlled
nuclear information
National Environmental Policy Act implementing procedures
Compliance with floodplain and wetland environmental review
Contract appeals
Procedures for financial assistance appeals
Uniform relocation assistance and real property acquisition for
Federal and federally assisted programs
Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs or activities
Enforcement of nondiscrimation on the basis of handicap in
programs or activities conducted by the Department of Energy
Nondiscrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or
activities receiving federal financial assistance
Security requirements for protected disclosures under section
3164 of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal
year 2000
Nuclear classification and declassification
Physical protection of security interests
Limited arrest authority and use of force by protective force
Trespassing on Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities and other
Limited arrest authority and use of force by protective force
officers of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Foreign gifts and decorations
Payment of travel expenses of persons who are not Government
Public information and requests
Rules implementing the Government in the Sunshine Act
Privacy Act
Organizational and consultant conflicts of interests
Testimony by DNFSB employees and production of official
records in legal proceedings
Declaration of Party State Eligibility for Northeast Interstate
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact  
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