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CFR 12-2013 Banks And Banking

Standard Number:  CFR 12-2013
Title:  Banks And Banking
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  CFR 12(PTS1-199):2014

Replacing Standard:  CFR 12(PTS900-END):2012

Status:  Current
Publisher:  US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Number of Pages:  

Catalog:Credit by brokers and dealers (Regulation T)
Credit by banks and persons other than brokers or dealers for
the purpose of purchasing or carrying margin stock (Regulation U)
Fair credit reporting (regulation V)
Transactions between member banks and their affiliates
(Regulation W)
Borrowers of securities credit (Regulation X)
Bank holding companies and change in bank control (Regulation Y)
Truth in lending (Regulation Z)
Unfair or deceptive acts or practices (Regulation AA)
Community reinvestment (Regulation BB)
Availability of funds and collection of checks (Regulation CC)
Truth in savings (Regulation DD)
Netting eligibility for financial institution (Regulation EE)
Miscellaneous interpretations
Rules regarding availability of information
Rules regarding access to personal information under the Privacy
Act of 1974
Rules regarding public observation of meetings
Rules of procedure
Rules of practice for hearings
Employee responsibilities and conduct
Rules regarding foreign gifts and decorations
Rules regarding delegation of authority
Limitations on activities of former members and employees of
the Board
Rules of organization and procedure of the Consumer Advisory
Rules regarding equal opportunity
Policy on labor relations for the Federal Reserve banks
Charges of unfair labor practices
Open market operations of Federal Reserve banks
Rules regarding availability of information
Rules of procedure
Statements of policy
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Tile in English:  Banks And Banking

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