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CFR 10-2010 Energy - Department Of Energy

Standard Number:  CFR 10-2010
Title:  Energy - Department Of Energy
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  CFR 10(PTS500-END):2011

Replacing Standard:  CFR 10(PTS500-END):2009

Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Number of Pages:  

Description:Deals with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Coverage includes- conduct of employees; program fraud civil remedies; standards for protection against radiation; debt collection procedures; domestic licensing of source material; licenses and radiation safety requirements for irradiators; fitness for duty programs; medical use of byproduct material.  
Title 10
Chapter I Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Continued)
Finding Aids
Material Approved for Incorporation by
Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of Agencies Appearing in
the CFR
List of CFR Sections Affected  
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File Size:  672KB
Tile in English:  Energy - Department Of Energy

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