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ASME B1.5-1997 Acme Screw Threads

Standard Number:  ASME B1.5-1997
Title:  Acme Screw Threads
Language:  English
Status:  Current
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:128  

Description:Describes two general applications of Acme threads- namely, general purpose and centralizing. The limits and tolerances in this Standard relate to single-start Acme threads and may be used, if considered suitable, for multiple-start Acme threads.  
Standards Committee Roster
1 General
1.1 Scope
1.2 Federal Government Use
1.3 References
1.4 Reference Temperature
1.5 Units of Measure
1.6 Terminology
1.7 Computer-Generated Size
2 Specifications for General Purpose Acme Screw Threads
2.1 Angle of Thread
2.2 Pitch and Lead of Thread
2.3 Height of Thread
2.4 Thickness of Thread
2.5 Allowance (Minimum Clearance) at Major and Minor Diameters
2.6 Chamfers and Fillets
2.7 Basic Thread Form Dimensions
2.8 General Purpose Standard Acme Thread Series
2.9 Classification and Tolerances, General Purpose Acme Threads
2.10 Basic Diameters
2.11 Length of Engagement
2.12 Tolerances
2.13 Allowances (Minimum Clearance) (es) for Pitch Diameter
2.14 Limits of Size
2.15 Thread Designations
2.16 Formulas for Determining Diameters
2.17 Maximum-Material Profile Option
3 Specifications for Centralizing Acme Screw Threads
3.1 Angle of Thread
3.2 Pitch and Lead of Thread
3.3 Height of Thread
3.4 Thickness of Thread
3.5 Allowance (Minimum Clearance) at Major and Minor Diameters
3.6 Chamfers and Fillets
3.7 Basic Thread Form Dimensions
3.8 Standard Centralizing Acme Thread Series
3.9 Classification and Tolerances, Centralizing Acme Threads
3.10 Basic Diameters
3.11 Length of Engagement
3.12 Tolerances
3.13 Allowances (Minimum Clearance) (es)
3.14 Limits of Size
3.15 Thread Designations
3.16 Formulas for Determining Diameters
3.17 Maximum-Material Profile Option
4 Gages for General Purpose Acme Threads
4.1 Measurement Uncertainty Estimates
4.2 Application
4.3 Gage Blanks
4.4 Gage Tolerances
4.5 Gages for External Threads
4.6 Gages for Internal Threads
4.7 ASME B47.1 Gage Blanks
5 Gaging for Centralizing Acme Threads
5.1 Gage Tolerances
5.2 Gages for External Centralizing Acme Thread
5.3 Gages for Internal Centralizing Acme Screw Threads
Nonmandatory Appendices
A - Acme Centralizing Threads Alternate Series With Minor Diameter
Centralizing Control
B - Multiple-Start Acme Threads
C - General Purpose Acme Thread Class 5G
D - Centralizing Acme Thread Classes 5C and 6C
E - Three-Wire Method for Measurement of Pitch Diameter of 29 deg
External Acme Threads
F - Ball Method for Measurement of Internal Pitch Diameter of 29 deg
Acme Screw Threads
G - Go Gage Functional Size Compensation, Flank Angle Correction,
Limit Gaging of Setting Ring, and Gaging Problem Areas
H - Tolerances for Acme Screw Thread Gages Over 5.000 in.
I - Determining Limits of Size for Multiple-Start Diameter/Pitch
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Tile in English:  Acme Screw Threads

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