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ASME B30.4-2003 Portal, Tower, And Pedestal Cranes

Standard Number:  ASME B30.4-2003
Title:  Portal, Tower, And Pedestal Cranes
Language:  English
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT>>Lifting equipment>>Cranes
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:42  

Description:Pertains to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of electric motor or internal-combustion engine powered portal tower, and pedestal cranes, that adjust operating radius by means of a boom luffing mechanism or by means of a trolley traversing a horizontal boom, that may be mounted on a fixed or travelling base, and to any variation thereof that retain the same fundamental characteristics.  
Standards Committee Roster
Summary of Changes
Section I - Scope
Section II - Purpose
Section III - Interpretations
Section IV - New and Old Installations
Section V - Mandatory and Advisory Rules
Section VI - Metric Conversions
Chapter 4-0 - Scope, Definitions, and References
Section 4-0.1 - Scope of B30.4
Section 4-0.2 - Definitions
Section 4-0.3 - References
Chapter 4-1 - Erection, Characteristics, and Construction
Section 4-1.1 - Site Preparation and Erection
Section 4-1.2 - Load Ratings and Stability
Section 4-1.3 - Documentation
Section 4-1.4 - Hoisting Equipment
Section 4-1.5 - Luffing (Boom Hoist) Equipment
Section 4-1.6 - Slewing (Swing) Mechanism
Section 4-1.7 - Travel Equipment
Section 4-1.8 - Brakes, General Requirements
Section 4-1.9 - Switches and Limiting Devices
Section 4-1.10 - Pendants, Stay Ropes, and Guys
Section 4-1.11 - Reeving Accessories
Section 4-1.12 - Counterweights
Section 4-1.13 - Controls
Section 4-1.14 - Electrical Equipment
Section 4-1.15 - Operator's Cabs
Section 4-1.16 - General Requirements
Chapter 4-2 - Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
Section 4-2.1 - Inspection
Section 4-2.2 - Testing
Section 4-2.3 - Maintenance
Section 4-2.4 - Rope Inspection, Replacement and Maintenance
Chapter 4-3 - Operation
Section 4-3.1 - Qualification for and Conduct of Operators
and Operating Practices
Section 4-3.2 - Operating Practices
Section 4-3.3 - Signals
Section 4-3.4 - Miscellaneous
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Tile in English:  Portal, Tower, And Pedestal Cranes

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