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ASME Y14.8M-1996 Castings And Forgings

Standard Number:  ASME Y14.8M-1996
Title:  Castings And Forgings
Language:  English
Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:62  

Description:Covers the definition of terms and features unique to casting and forging technologies with recommendations for their uniform description and inclusion on engineering drawings and related documents. Unless otherwise specified, any reference to features, parts or processes shall be interpreted as applying to both castings and forgings. Castings and forgings are delineated as casting and forging throughout the Standard.  
Standards Committee roster
1 Scope, definitions and terms
1.1 General
1.2 References
1.3 Definitions
2 Drawing Presentation
2.1 General
2.2 Drawings Containing Separate Views
2.3 Drawings, Containing Combined Views
2.4 End Item Drawings
3 Drawing Requirements
3.1 General
3.2 Dimensions
3.3 As-Cast/As-Forged Surfaces
3.4 Corner Radii
3.5 Die Closure Tolerance
3.6 Draft Angle
3.7 Fillet Radii
3.8 Flash Extension
3.9 Forging Plane
3.10 Form Tolerances
3.11 Marking
3.12 Match Draft
3.13 Mismatch
3.14 Parting Lines
3.15 Sharp corners
3.16 Grain direction
3.17 Special Requirements
3.18 Profile Tolerances
4 Datum referencing
4.1 General
4.2 Application
4.3 Datum Targets
4.4 Machining Datum Reference Frame
4.5 Tooling Centers and Tooling Holes
4.6 Equalizing Datums
5 Drawing Notes
5.1 General
5.2 Drawing Note Items
1-1 Fillet and Corner Radii
2-1 Separate Views Drawing
2-2 Combined Views Drawing
2-3 End Item Drawing
3-1(a) Die Closure Not Specified
3-1(b) Die Closure Specified and Parting Line Indicated
3-1(c) Die Closure Specified and Parting Line Not
3-2 Draft Construction
3-3(a) Datum Plane and Forging Plane Parallel
3-3(b) Defined Forging Plane Not Parallel to Datum Plane
3-4(a) Flash Extension
3-4(b) Flash Extension and Mismatch
3-5 Surface Straightness Control Illustrating Effect
of Form Control Exemption
3-6 Flatness Control Illustrating Effect of Form
Control Exemption
3-7 Match Draft
3-8 Mismatch Tolerance
3-9 Parting Line Locations
3-10 Grain Direction Specified
3-11 Special Requirements
3-12 Profile Tolerancing
4-1 Datum Targets Establishing a Datum reference frame
4-2 Datum Targets Within Same Die Segment
4-3 Datum Targets Located Opposite Machined Surfaces
4-4 Datum Target Location - Optimum Spacing
4-5 Optimum Spacing of Datum Targets
4-6 Datum Targets Offset from the Datum plane
4-7 Effect of Draft and Parting Line on Datums
4-8 Placement of Repetitive Dimensions Affected by
4-9 Machined Datum Features Located
4-10 Tooling Centers Establishing an Axis
4-11 Tooling Centers Establishing Center Planes
4-12 Movable Datum Targets Establishing a datum
Center Plane
4-13 Movable Datum Targets Establishing Two Datum
Center Planes
4-14 Equalized Datums Established by Fixed Datum
4-15(a) Movable Datum Target Symbol Application
4-15(b) Movable Datum Target Symbol Form and Proportion
A Glossary
A1 General
A2 Casting Terms
A3 Forging Terms
B Sample Notes
B1 General
B2 Sample Casting Notes
B3 Sample Forging Notes
C Profile Tolerance System for Dimensioning and
Tolerancing Casting/Forging Drawings
C1 General
C2 Profile Tolerance System
C3 Figures
C4 Drafting Practice
C5 Application to a Combined View (Casting/Forging
and Machining Requirements) Drawings
D Sample Drawing
C-1 Origin of Draft and Parting Line
C-2 Machine Allowance - Surface Without Draft
C-3 Machine Allowance - Surface With Draft
C-4 Machine Allowance - Portion of Surface with Draft
C-5 Machine Allowance - Chamfered Corner
C-6 Machine Allowance - Fillet
C-7 Combined View (Casting and Machining Requirements)
D-1 Precision Forging Drawing Sample  
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File Size:  320KB
Tile in English:  Castings And Forgings

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