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ASME B1.15-1995 Unified Inch Screw Threads (Unj Thread Form)

Standard Number:  ASME B1.15-1995
Title:  Unified Inch Screw Threads (Unj Thread Form)
Language:  English
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS FOR GENERAL USE>>Screw threads>>Inch screw threads
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:58  

Description:Provides the basic triangular profile for the UNJ thread form, provides a system of designations, lists the standard series of diameter-pitch combinations for diameters from 0.060 to 6.000 in., and specifies limiting dimensions and tolerances.  
Standards Committee Roster
1 General
2 Profile of Thread
3 Series of Threads
4 Thread Characteristics
5 Dimensional Accommodation of Coatings
and Platings
6 Designation of Threads
7 Acceptability
A - Symbols - UNJ Thread Dimensions and
B - Tolerance Table
C - Coating of Threads  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  902KB
Tile in English:  Unified Inch Screw Threads (Unj Thread Form)

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