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ASME A112.18.1-2005 Plumbing Supply Fittings

Standard Number:  ASME A112.18.1-2005
Title:  Plumbing Supply Fittings
Language:  English
Adopted International Standard:  CSA B125.1-2005 Plumbing Supply Fittings Equivalent
Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:86  

Description:Applies to plumbing supply fittings and accessories located between the supply line stop and the terminal fitting.  
Catalog:ASME Standards Committee A112 on Plumbing Materials and
ASME Project Team 18.1 - Plumbing Fixture Fittings
CSA Technical Committee on Plumbing Fittings
ASME/CSA Joint Harmonization Task Group on Plumbing Fittings
CSA Foreword
1 Scope
2 Reference publications
2.1 ASME and CSA publications
2.2 Other publications
3 Definitions and abbreviations
3.1 Definitions
3.2 Abbreviations
4 Design requirements
4.1 Supply fittings
4.1.1 Rated pressure
4.1.2 Rated temperatures
4.1.3 Seating members
4.2 Servicing
4.3 Installation
4.4 Threaded connections
4.5 Connections other than threaded connections
4.6 Accessible design
4.7 Backflow prevention
4.8 Cover plates and escutcheons
4.9 Toxicity
4.10 Frost-proof faucets and hydrants
4.11 Shower heads, body sprays, and hand-held showers
4.12 Cross-flow
4.13 Fittings incorporating electrical features
4.13.1 General
4.13.2 Testing
4.14 Materials
4.15 Automatic compensating valve temperature control
4.16 Lawn and sediment faucets
5 Performance requirements and test methods
5.1 General
5.1.1 Preconditioning
5.1.2 Installation for testing
5.1.3 Applicable tests
5.2 Coatings
5.2.1 General
5.2.2 Corrosion (all substrates and coatings)
5.2.3 Adhesion
5.2.4 Decorative organic coatings
5.3 Pressure and temperature
5.3.1 Static and dynamic seals
5.3.2 Burst pressure
5.3.3 Cross-flow check valves
5.3.4 Hose assemblies
5.3.5 Ball joints
5.3.6 Diverters
5.4 Flow rate
5.4.1 Supply fittings
5.4.2 Test procedure
5.5 Operating requirements
5.6 Life cycle
5.6.1 Requirements
5.6.2 Test method
5.6.3 Fittings and other control devices
5.6.4 Swing spouts
5.6.5 Shower hoses, pullout spout hoses, and side
spray hoses
5.7 Resistance to installation loading
5.7.1 Bending strength
5.7.2 Thread torque strength
5.8 Resistance to use loading
5.8.1 Operating controls
5.8.2 Maintenance of installed position
5.8.3 Swing spout strength
5.9 Backflow prevention
5.9.1 General
5.9.2 Fittings with plain outlets
5.9.3 Fittings with a submersible outlet(s)
5.9.4 Backflow prevention devices used in
single-outlet fittings with a submersible outlet
5.9.5 Back siphonage prevention in side spray diverters
5.10 Automatic compensating valves
5.10.1 General
5.10.2 High-temperature conditioning test
5.10.3 Pressure and burst pressure test
5.10.4 Maximum torque and/or force adjustment
5.10.5 Life cycle test
5.10.6 Temperature control
5.10.7 Supply line pressure loss
5.10.8 Temperature and high limit control
5.11 Lawn faucets
5.11.1Performance requirement
5.11.2Test procedure
6 Markings
6.1 General
6.2 Temperature identification
6.3 Packaging
6.4 Instructions for automatic compensating valves
A (informative) - Unit conversion criteria
B (normative) - Tests by fitting type
C (informative) - Verifying the time constant of the
temperature-measuring equipment
D (informative) - Temperature variation for pressure- and
thermostatic-compensating valves
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Tile in English:  Plumbing Supply Fittings

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