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ASME B31.9-2008 Building Services Piping

Standard Number:  ASME B31.9-2008
Title:  Building Services Piping
Language:  English
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND BUILDING>>Installations in buildings
Publisher:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Number of Pages:90  

Description:Describes rules for piping in industrial, institutional, commercial and public buildings, and multi-unit residences.  
Committee Roster
Summary of Changes
Chapter I - Scope and Definitions
900 General
Chapter II - Design
Part 1 - Conditions and Criteria
901 Design Conditions
902 Design Criteria
Part 2 - Pressure Design of Piping Components
903 Criteria for Pressure Design of Piping Components
904 Pressure Design of Components
Part 3 - Selection and Limitation of Components
905 Pipe
906 Fittings, Bends, and Intersections
907 Valves
908 Flanges, Blanks, Gaskets, and Bolting
Part 4 - Selection and Limitation of Joints
910 Piping Joints
911 Welded Joints
912 Flanged Joints
913 Mechanical and Proprietary Joints
914 Threaded Joints
915 Flared, Flareless, and Compression Joints
916 Bell and Spigot Joints
917 Brazed and Soldered Joints
Part 5 - Expansion, Flexibility, and Support
919 Expansion and Flexibility
920 Loads on Pipe-Supporting Elements
921 Design of Pipe-Supporting Elements
Part 6 - Systems
922 Design Requirements Pertaining to Specific Piping Systems
Chapter III - Materials
923 Materials - General Requirements
Chapter IV - Component Requirements and Standard Practices
926 Dimensions and Ratings of Components
Chapter V - Fabrication, Assembly, and Erection
927 Welded Fabrication of Metals
928 Brazing and Soldering of Metals
929 Bending
930 Forming
931 Heat Treatment
934 Fabrication of Nonmetals
935 Assembly
Chapter VI - Inspection, Examination, and Testing
936 Inspection and Examination
937 Leak Testing
Mandatory Appendices
I - Stress Tables
II - Allowable Pressures for Nonmetallic, Nonplastic Pressure
III - Reference Standards
IV - Preparation of Technical Inquiries
Nonmandatory Appendices
A - Nonmandatory Quality System Program
B - Seismic Design and Retrofit of Piping Systems
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File Size:  631KB
Tile in English:  Building Services Piping

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